It’s News Glastonbury!

Yes, it’s the big day. Rupert and James Murdoch, and Rebekah Brooks all face questioning by MPs in the Select Committee we’ve all been waiting for. Leave aside the fact that almost none of us could confidently point to any other Select Committee hearing or what happened in it, apart from, possibly that of Andy Hayman a couple of weeks ago. What, you don’t know who he is?

As Charlie Brooker neatly coined in a tweet a little earlier on – today is News Glastonbury. A grotesque festival for news and media people, politicians and pub bores.

It will be just like Glastonbury. Uncomfortable – there are already reports of queues forming inside the House of Commons. Attendees and spectators having naive hope of life changing excitement – oh, yes. Performances from the headline acts likely to be disappointing – you can bet on it, we aren’t going to see Rebekah Brooks rending her hair or Rupert Murdoch getting out a samurai sword and ritually sacrificing his son for having brought dishonour upon him before disembowelling himself on live TV.

Are we going to hear about how momentous it all was endlessly for the coming weeks and months? Nothing is more certain.


What could be more Glastonbury than a crusty with a shaving foam custard pie? Other than a crusty with a shaving foam custard pie who is wearing a jester hat.

I’ve been working so haven’t been able to watch the proceedings live, but, apart from some good forensic questioning by Tom Watson MP, it looks like the Select Committee might have been better off just letting the Murdochs read their opening statement (oh, looks like they did at the end).

News Corp’s share price rising steadily throughout the session gives an interesting alternative focus group response to how the Murdochs have performed.


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