A Bunch of Punts

From last weekend in Cambridge – a rare instance of me going punting and not falling in. A tip for tourists, don’t waste your money on a “Chauffeured” punt at £10-15 per person for 45 minutes, punting is not that hard to do and the level of information most of the “Chauffeurs” will give is no more than you could get by looking at a tourist map of the City while going along the river. The amount of nonsense I heard being fed to credulous tourists was astonishing. Self-punting gets you your own punt for up to 6 people at around £15 an hour and the queues are shorter. For the price of 45 minutes being punted by someone else you can do a couple of hours and have enough money for a nice jug of Pimms at the Granta pub when you turn around if starting at Magdalen Bridge. If you’re going to visit Oxford as well, I wouldn’t bother with punting there – unlike in Cambridge, you won’t get to see much of the Colleges that way.

Bridge of Sighs

Home Stretch - coming up to Magdalen Bridge

Can you help with my pole?

PS obviously, me being me I’d considered making this a punning blog post about things that had annoyed me this week, but I decided that you really didn’t need a link to the disgraceful disability rights site that had a photoshopped picture of the gates to Auschwitz as its masthead and the words changed to “Atos Macht Frei”.


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