First Day of the Happiest Days of Your Life

Today OMB started his first day in Reception class at school. The first of 14 years in compulsory education. Apart from a few worries he had about being good at making friends hopefully it went well. It is a nice school and the children seem happy and confident there. I’m a governor of the school and the presentations we’ve had from the Year 5 and 6 children on topics like bullying and school meals have been better researched and more fluently delivered than many I’ve seen from adults in the work environment.

I hope that he’ll be able to build on the friendships he already has with the handful of other 4 year olds going who live within a few doors of us and that he gets a chance to learn well. I’m not sure about how good our local secondary schools are, but a lot can change in 7 years. I hope that we don’t ever have to worry or think about whether his school experience is a good one that sets him up for the long and happy life that all should be able to achieve. I don’t want to have to agonise over school fees and whether it is right to go private, moving house to get a “better” catchment area or even setting up a Free School.

Fourteen years is a long time. I recently saw a photo of myself 14 years ago cutting my birthday cake, looking unbelievably fresh-faced and slim. It is weird to think that my mum in that photo was only a few years older than I am now. Weirder still to think that the changes OMB will go through in the next 14 years could be even more significant than my journey of the last 14 years through starting my career, buying my first home, marrying, moving 200 miles away and having OMB.

Good luck OMB!


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