Hairway to Stevenage

After last weekend’s draw against Notts County, Brentford have left themselves with a huge amount to do to keep their chances of a spot in the League 1 play offs going for another week. With three games left, even three wins might not be enough. The team travels to play against Stevenage knowing that their season will effectively be over if they fail to win. Continue reading


Waiting for a Bubble to Burst

What is it about being a football fan that makes you veer from blind optimism to the darkest pessimism? It isn’t even hard to hold both positions almost simultaneously as the chants of “Super [insert team name] Super [team] FC, By Far the Greatest Team the World has ever seen” tend to come equally if not more often when the team is doing badly and facing relegation than when they’re about to pull off an easy victory. Indeed, it is probably easier to do this than to be purely positive, at least for me – the ironic (-ish) “We are the Barcelona of the lower leagues” song that Brentford fans have been singing for a few seasons makes me feel uneasy, even when it is during a success like winning the League 2 title at Darlington. Continue reading

Eating Out in London

Eating out isn’t the easiest thing to do when you have a child who’s both not very interested in food and has a limited range of food he’ll even try. After cutting down the options to cope with this the focus often has to be on the environment and service provided by different restaurants – an uncomfortable atmosphere or poor service will ruin a meal out even more than usual. OMB is not a happy eater. Continue reading