Denmark – Klim Strand & Skagen

Klim Strand campsite on the north coast of Jutland is a peaceful place to spend a few days. The facilities are very good with an indoor heated pool, spa, climbing walls, several outdoor play areas, a good value restaurant and a long sandy beach.

Mine, all mine!


Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is someone mowing the lawn by their caravan. They weren’t the only ones either, we saw two others, including an elderly man with a push mower. Caravanners are weird, I can never quite work out why you would spend thousands on a caravan and slow down getting to your holiday destination when you could either pay for a lot of hotels or camp if you wanted to be outdoors. Lugging a replica of your front room along with widescreen telly and sofas (as most appeared to have done) let alone bringing a lawnmower and doing a spot of gardening while your garden at home goes untended is just odd.

We spent most of our time at Klim Strand just relaxing around the place, flying a kite or using the pool but did also do one day trip 100 miles up the coast to Skagen. Skagen is a small town at the northernmost tip of Jutland with a spit of land at the end of which the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea. Watching the two sets of waves hitting each other was a strange but fascinating experience. Standing in the water you could feel the different temperatures of the meeting seas on each leg. Skagen is home to many artists attracted by its famed light and the skies did seem oddly luminous.

Waves crossing





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