Rosie’s Diner – Kirkstall


One of the disappointments of the transition from being young to being middle aged and having a family is that you move from being able to try out all the latest bars and restaurants to spending large amounts of your leisure time at places like Cardigan Fields – a car park with a multiplex cinema, chain restaurants, bowling alley and leisure centre. And a night club you know you’re 20 years too old for. So when a new independent restaurant opens up in such a place it’s as exciting as a new bar on The Calls would once have seemed.

Rosie’s Diner has been trumpeted as about to open for months now and last week OMB and I managed to go there for a quick meal between his swimming lesson and Beavers as a change from McDonalds or Nandos. The concept is of an American diner, complete with chrome, neon, red vinyl booths and a yellow American school bus, burgers and shakes. OMB was also very keen on the idea of playing pool there after having got hooked on the game while on holiday. The omens weren’t good, however, after reading the rather damning review in the Yorkshire Evening Post. But, surely they’d have sorted out the teething problems highlighted in the review as a first priority after having clearly invested a lot in the new venture…

Well, things weren’t quite as bad as in the review. The food was pretty good and of a decent quality. Possibly too high quality as OMB would have preferred a more traditional and processed hot dog than the locally sourced sausage! The milkshakes were really good, interestingly coming in branded milkbottles. ¬†Unfortunately, the service was still somewhat erratic with food taking a long time to arrive and it being unclear whether the order we made for dessert actually got to the kitchen. This was not due to a lack of staff as there were a lot on duty in a sparsely populated restaurant but more due, apparently, to some of them being a little away with the fairies. This meant that we didn’t have time to wait for dessert, which was a shame as the friends we were with said that they were good last time they came.

So, I’d give the place a guardedly positive review. We’ll be back but when we are in less of a hurry and so can be more relaxed about the time. OMB will get his game of pool and given how long it takes us to pot all the balls, it’ll be someone else complaining about delays!


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