Easter 2014

Back to school and work in spring rain? Remember the holidays!



Swinton Park Easter Egg hunt – a lovely place for a day out near Masham. A bit of a hidden gem as it never seems to be particularly busy but has great grounds and family events for a couple of pounds. Masham itself is worth visiting too. Apart from having the Black Sheep Brewery it also has Bah Humbug, a traditional sweet shop.


A butterfly sunning itself on our patio.




Robin Hood Bay near Whitby. Last time we went, even though it was a bright sunny day all the way up from Leeds across the spectacular North Yorkshire Moors the village itself was shrouded in fog so seeing the long sandy beach was a surprise. It also has no restrictions on dogs, unlike many beaches. We had a couple of drinks at The Bay pub and could easily have had more if we didn’t have to drive home! We drove back along the A170 to the A1 to enjoy the views at the vertiginous Sutton Bank near Helmsley. If you like camping, I can recommend Rosedale Abbey near Pickering for a few nights. You can also catch a steam train from Pickering to Whitby over the Moors so there’s plenty to do in the area.



These were taken on a walk between Bursledon and the Horse and Jockey pub in Hampshire.


Back home, looking out towards the “American Garden” in Meanwood Park, Leeds. Despite walking the dog there every day over the last year I’m still amazed that there is this beautiful open space so close to Leeds city centre. OMB and I rode our bikes out along the Meanwood Valley Trail one afternoon to Adel, where we were greeted by fields of lambs which made it feel like we were in the middle of the countryside rather than just outside Leeds Ring Road. The trail itself stretches from the centre of Leeds at Woodhouse Moor (commonly known as Hyde Park) to Golden Acre Park. The walk out that way is one of the best free days out you can have in Leeds, taking in nature and local history (you can see the remains of the mill workings and quarries from Leeds’ early industrial days 200 years ago as well as the memorial to polar explorer Captain Oates, who owned Meanwood Park when it was still a working farm).