Botzarelli’s First Law

For a bit of fun, here’s a short law I came up with some time ago on a long abandoned messageboard to help people understand this crazy and complicated world and people’s reactions to it. That was back in the days before Twitter but I think its true value will only now be apparent as we are battered by increasingly virulent twitstorms on an almost daily basis. I’m hoping I come up with further laws so forgive my presumption in naming it Botzarelli’s First.

Most people are idiots* so don’t be surprised when they do or say something idiotic.

As will be readily apparent, this is a law of very wide applicability. It can save a lot of tedious mucking around trying to make sense of positions which don’t actually make much sense. It applies to high and low. I’m not too proud to admit that it also often applies to me. And you. But don’t take it too far – it isn’t saying that everything is OK. Clearly there are some things which are deserving of condemnation and outrage. Disagreements need to be aired and debated. Comment is free as they say.

Have a go at applying it to something and leave a comment about how it worked.

* “Idiots” isn’t quite the right word. The original formulation used a rather pithier taboo swear word. But I don’t want sensitive souls and over-zealous content filters to mark this gentle and obscure blog as having adult content which might then disappoint casual visitors when they look for it. I did ask on twitter for an alternative word which conveyed the right mixture of deluded selfish stupidity but two unrelated O’Sullivans replied “Conservative” and “Osborne” (the former I half expected). To my chagrin, with a bit of shuffling either could be inserted into Botzarelli’s First and it would still retain some of its sense. For the right audience I could also use “Lefty” or “Polly Toynbee”. I suppose that’s the beauty and power of it. Personally I think UKIP is the living proof of the universal truth it contains.


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