I’m not such a pessimist that I can just have pages on stuff that was great and how modern life is rubbish. So, here are some pages about stuff that I think is brilliant now and might get even better in the future. I realise that I have just become a pair of characters from The Fast Show. Although that itself is probably something to file under Disappearing Pleasures being as it is a bit too old to be culturally relevant to those much under 35 who will wonder how an obviously middle-aged Paul Whitehouse could pretend to be an over-enthusiastic teenager.


As this section of my blog references The Fast Show, which was brilliant at the time, at least because I was of an age to enjoy regurgitating sketch show catch phrases in the pub on occasion (OK, perhaps I haven’t grown out of that completely yet) I thought it would be worth linking to the new mini-episodes made by some of the original cast which have been released online recently.


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