Ironically in the past year I’ve found myself writing cheques regularly again in the last year for the room I rent in Maidenhood and for the office space I use when working remotely from Leeds. I also sometimes use them for paying the milkman (who is very much alive and well round our way but something I’d thought had disappeared years back along with postal deliveries before you left for work and a second post before you got home). Of course they are clearly on their way out now that the banks no longer issue cheque guarantee cards so that cheques are really only for people who already trust you (if I were more of a pessimist I could add trust to this set of pages, perhaps).

As someone who writes with a fountain pen there’s a nice feeling about writing a cheque and signing it with a flourish then holding it up and doing that slightly camp combination of blowing and waving to dry the ink. Punching in your PIN in a similarly theatrical manner is more an invitation to mugging.


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