Filming gigs on your smartphone

Why do so many people seem to spend so large a proportion of their time at a gig taking rubbish videos of the performance on their phone rather than just watching the thing that they spent a load of cash on to attend in the first place? The shots come out poorly and the sound is going to make everyone sound like the loading noises on a ZX Spectrum so why bother?

I promise I didn't hold my phone up to spoil anyone else's view - it wouldn't have been worth it

You can’t all be planning on writing snarky blogs, can you?

PS, because it would otherwise be impossible to tell, the photo is of Laura Marling at the Leeds O2 Academy on 6 March 2012 – she was great albeit rather posher sounding than when we last saw her playing the Brudenell Social Club a couple of years back. Possibly because she’s now experienced enough a performer to do a bit of chat with the audience. She played the hits mainly solo but I quite liked her rather dorky band as they helped to vary the tone a bit. When she asked at the beginning of a song “Where is my lover hiding?” and a wag in the crowd shouted “Here!” it led to her collapsing in a fit of giggles, which was nice. Being distracted and forgetting the lyrics to a song because the heavily branded O2 Academy had a tv screen in her line of sight playing a Foo Fighters O2 advert on loop less so.

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